The Professional Pet Sitter
Your Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Service

by Lori and Scott Mangold at Pawsitive Press®.
The pet sitting book with business forms.

Interested in a home-based business? Be your own boss and turn your love for animals into real income. We have taught thousands of pet sitters. Let us teach you how to run a successful pet-sitting service, how to organize your business, price, market, run it day to day and provide consistent, disciplined perfect service.

Promoting professional pet sitting through education.

"Imagine being paid to play with pets! If this appeals to you, pet sitting -- caring for travelers' pets in their homes -- could be your opportunity for a rewarding part-time job or full-time career."

(Excerpt from "Play With Pets For Profit," an article by Lori and Scott Mangold in the June, 1994, issue of CATS Magazine.)

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