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pet sittersLori and Scott Mangold have been providing loving, in-home pet care in Portland, Oregon since 1988. Their business, Paws for Awhile, was inspired by their love for animals and the desire to develop a fun home-based business.

After seemingly endless requests that they teach others how to set up and conduct pet sitting businesses, they decided to package their experience and systems in a book.

Both Lori and Scott have years of experience in corporate management, sales and customer service. Lori's broad experience ranges from Flight Attendant Supervisor to Office Manager. Her strength is "people skills" combined with a disciplined style which leads to business success. Scott, with a degree in Economics, enjoys teaching and has instructed college classes and management courses for his employer of 32 years, United Airlines. Students praise his communication skills, which are apparent in The Professional Pet Sitter. Both share their knowledge and experience completely with you!

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