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(Excerpt from PREFACE, The Professional Pet Sitter)

The Professional Pet SitterThe Professional Pet Sitter is intended to guide you in starting your own business. Because we're targeting a specific service -- pet sitting -- The Professional Pet Sitter won't be as broad as are many books on starting new businesses. But it is pertinent, addressing how we organized Paws for Awhile and reflecting the many lessons we learned along the way. We won't tell you how to give pills, walk dogs or clean bird cages. Since you love animals, we'll assume you have those skills.

WillieThe Professional Pet Sitter may not tell you everything you'd like to hear. If, for instance, you think you'd like to hire a large workforce right away, we won't encourage you. As we'll explain, we think that's not the way to begin. We will guide you through what we believe is a more reasonable way to start and establish your business. We'll take you through it by-the-numbers. You needn't follow our advice exactly; in fact, we encourage you to modify our procedures to suit you. As you read, you'll find that we stress planning, organization, disciplined consistency and highest-quality service.

An important goal for you should be having some fun. The opportunity to do that is why many people give up corporate careers to be pet sitters. Running our business, where we control quality, is very rewarding. We'd like you to enjoy the profession as much as we do.

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