Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Pet Sitting

Who benefits from in-home pet care?

Everyone! The pets get to stay in their own homes where they are safe and happy. Travelers do not have to worry about their pets or homes when they leave. Those of us who love animals can earn an income caring for them!

.Why is there such a demand for pet sitting?

Because we do not live near our families, we do not know our neighbors, and we want only the best care for our babies when we have to leave them.

Why is pet sitting one of the fastest-growing businesses today?

Because there is a need. People are out of work, dissatisfied with careers, companies are downsizing, people need to supplement the family income. Pet sitting appeals to a wide range of people who all love animals.

Is there a large investment to get started in professional pet sitting?

No. There is no expensive inventory. You do need a good, reliable car, a business license, liability insurance, printing costs and office supplies.

What will it take to be successful?

Three things: (1) You must love animals! (2) You must treat this as a business. (3) You must practice discipline to avoid making mistakes.

Who would be interested in this business?

Anyone who loves animals. Do you think you cannot tolerate your job any longer? Can you afford to retire early? Has your spouse been laid off and cannot find another job? Are you afraid that inflation will dilute your retirement benefits?

How will your book help me get started?

THE PROFESSIONAL PET SITTER walks you through the initial organization (getting started), marketing decisions, the day-to-day organization (running the business), and how to provide service. We have an 18-point service routine.

Is it permissible to use the business forms in your book?

Absolutely! When you purchase the book, you have the right to use the forms. We'll also send a sample flyer.

Why must a pet sitter have a signed Service Agreement with each client?

A Service Agreement gives the pet sitter the authority to be in the home. It also specifies all details of service, emergency contact, pet identification peculiarities, special needs and expectations of both parties.

Why did you start your business?

Back in 1988, we were looking for a fun, home-based business to supplement our income. We realized that to be successful, we must do what we love. Animals are our passion, so caring for them was a natural. We carefully studied how to structure and operate a small business. After only a few months, our service was so successful that we could not serve all the demand.

Why do you love pet sitting?

Pet sitting is a wonderful career. I have the satisfaction of running my own successful business where I control quality. My clients are very dependent on me, and I have never had a single complaint! It's nice to be so appreciated.

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