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"...the Mangolds' guide is just the ticket for people wanting in on the growing professional pet-sitting business... This is a succinct, easy-to-use guide that will help all pet sitters make a great success of their business."
Booklist, American Library Association

"As a training manual, The Professional Pet Sitter is one of the most thorough books I've had the pleasure of reading."
Charles Fuller, Editor, Books Products Division, Entrepreneur Magazine Group

"This book will teach you how to set up finances, filing, liability insurance; whether to hire employees; how to market yourself; and hundreds of other details. Presented in easy-to-understand terms, this is the best kind of resource -- written and prepared by people who love the business, have learned from their mistakes and can share their methods of success...."
The Woman Source Catalog and Review

"The number of pets in this country is growing, and so is the need for pet sitting businesses....There are plenty of animal lovers out there who can turn their interests into a money-making opportunity. To help would-be pet sitting entrepreneurs, Lori and Scott Mangold have written a how-to book, The Professional Pet Sitter...that teaches one how to be a pet sitter...."
Small Business Opportunities

“When I took early retirement after 25 years in the Banking industry and began a career in pet sitting, I found a treasure in The Professional Pet Sitter. It is a gem not only in the useful information it contains, but also in the caring philosophy conveyed by its authors, Lori and Scott Mangold. Whether you are considering pet sitting as a full-time or part-time venture, this book is valuable. With time being a precious commodity in today’s fast-paced world, I found that The Professional Pet Sitter provides clear-cut, easy-to-locate details on how to establish a successful service. As a further boon to launching a pet sitting career quickly and effectively, all appropriate forms are included in the book. Thanks to the Mangolds’ encouragement and expertise embodied in The Professional Pet Sitter, my business is now in its sixth year and flourishing.
Alice, Florida

"A year ago something wonderful happened. I met you and my life changed! Thank you for exposing me to this fascinating world of pet sitting."
Wendy, Oregon

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note, but it's filled with a lifetime of gratitude. Thanks for your great class and your willingness to share what you've been through with pet sitting. With your perfect step-by-step guidelines, we've been able to set up our business in less than two months. You make it so easy!"
Kim, Washingon

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