Paws-itive Strokes and Purr-ks: Just a Few Stories

We thought you might enjoy reading just a few of our favorite pet-sitting stories. Be sure to keep a journal of your special experiences!

.My very first client (now my good friend) told me Billy Bob, her big, macho tabby, liked Hawaiian music. She showed me her stack of records and asked me to play them during my visits. After a few days, Billy Bob confided in me. Please - no more Hawaiian - switch to Country Western.

.A young couple moved from Florida to Oregon and asked me to care for their kitties during the Christmas holidays. On my first visit, I heard water running from the direction of the utility room. I assumed they were home, doing laundry. I quickly discovered the water noise was coming from the garage. Water was pouring through the wall – their garage was flooding! They did not disconnect their garden hose. The water in the hose froze and burst the pipe. I managed to turn the water off, sweep the water out of the garage, and prevent their brand-new home from flooding. Most importantly, their kitties were safe.

.Since my client planned to be out of the country for the big event, she asked me to give Misty, her Siamese kitty, a birthday party. So, being the purr-fect pet sitter, I hung a “Happy Birthday Misty” banner over the fireplace. We both donned paper hats and I gave her a brand new catnip mouse. I regret not having a camera - the photos would have been priceless!

.Mona was a very lucky kitty. Her pet parent, a lady doctor who frequently traveled to Europe, kept in touch with Mona while she was away. Much to my surprise when I walked in one day, I saw Mona sitting by the telephone. I heard a baby voice say: “You be a good little girl for Lori. Mamma will be home soon.” She continued talking to her kitty for several minutes. Mona was sitting motionless by the phone, listening to her voice. When she got home, the lady told me she called Mona at the same time every day.

.Here’s a wonderful kitty love story. My very special clients, a man and his wife, rescue stray kitties and find permanent homes for them. They brought home a black kitty they named Freddy who tested positive for feline leukemia. Freddy could not use the other kitties’ water and litterbox. She had to stay in a room and cage by herself when no one was home. Jordan, a big, black kitty who looked exactly like Freddy, absolutely fell in love with her. While I was there, he would lie on top of her cage, stick his paws through and chat with her. I never wanted to leave her, knowing that she was closed in the room alone, without her special friend. I called my vet to ask if there was anything we could do and she suggested they have Freddy re-tested. The test was negative! Freddy and Jordan can now be together with no cage between them.

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