Why Professional Pet Sitting?

A Need! An Opportunity! Taking care of acquaintances' pets is nothing new. What, then, put the "boom" into pet sitting? Changing lifestyles. Careers consume more time these days. People travel more, for both business and pleasure, put off having families and rely more on pets as an outlet for affection. But traveling poses problems. Neighbors may not be known well enough to be asked to provide pet care, and pet parents want the best possible attention for their "babies." That's where the professional pet sitter comes in -- someone reliable who will provide the right care for a reasonable fee. More and more busy folks depend on professionals for a full range of domestic services: housecleaning, child care, yard care, indoor plant maintenance, even daily meal catering. It seems natural there would be a demand for pet sitting.

Why Be a Pet Sitter?

KatyLove for animals is the first reason -- think of the pleasure you get from your pets and the appreciation they show for your love and care. A lower stress level is also high on the pet sitter's list. He or she has deadlines to meet, but not the "people pressures" which so often are part of other jobs. Feeling good about what you do is certainly another reason to be a pet sitter.... Not the least of good reasons to be a pet sitter is money...you can profit while having fun. And having fun should be part of every career and job.

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